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Marseilles Hydro Power Plant

The Marseilles Hydropower Plant is a new run-of-the-river facility that will sit at the site of a former Hydro plant that was built in 1907 along the banks of the Illinois River. The project will include  four new Mavel Pit Kaplan Turbines and generators with a total capacity of 10.26 MW. Based on the expected net head at the dam site and stream flow data for the Illinois River, it is estimated that average annual generation will be about 64,000,000 kWh. The plant will utilize an existing intake head race system consist of two intake channels, one of which, the northern channel, extends from the dam to the proposed powerhouse location. The 2660' long north headrace channel is approximately 200 feet wide at the intake. Work will include refurbishment of intake headrace gates, canal sediment removal, cofferdam and closure dike installation, refurbishment of north headrace civil structures, new intake and fore-bay structures, trash rack, powerhouse construction, turbine and generator installation, gates, electrical and mechanical installation. 

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